Real Systems Ltd. is a company offering a broad variety of advisory and engineering services in the field of Information Technologies and Project Managment. The company is founded in 2003 by people with longlasting experience in application of information and communication technologies in business and management practices.

Real Systems Ltd. works and offers products and services in the field of management consulting, training and development of information systems and products, consulting on business processes' optimization and restructuring. Our services make use of best practices and are delivered by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience.

Real Systems Ltd. develops effective solutions for corporate managing by using the most up-to-date information technologies to help deliver quick results with high quality to each project. The importance of these services consists in helping organizational managers set up information infrastructures and systems that bring the risk of making false decisions down to a minimum.

We, the people at Real Systems ltd., believe it is not the capabilities of one or another technical instrument that matters most, but the real business needs and its strategic goals.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 27001:2013